Thank you so much for your participation 

The Korean Center (KCI), in partnership with the Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC), invited students from Kindergarten to 12th grade to participate in an art contest. Winning entries for four different age groups (see below) were selected by an OACC jury. ALL entries are shared with the community via both an online “virtual gallery” as well as at a live venue.


K-2nd Grade Group 1st Place

Alyssa Lee

3rd-5th Grade Group 1st Place

Chloe Nam 

6th-8th Grade Group 1st Place

Rachael So-Young Jin  “My Korean Heritage”

9th-12th Grade Group 1st Place

Daniel Park  “Chuseok-Holiday of Harvest”

Congratulations to all the winners from each category. If you would like to check out 4 Special Mentions from each category and the rest of the artworks, Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) is hosting a virtual gallery with all 54 artworks submitted. Click the button below!


*Students in the following age groups (by grade) are eligible to participate:

K to 2nd grade
3rd to 5th grade
6th to 8th grade
9th to 12th grade

*Only 2-D artwork please: this includes traditional and digital forms — drawings, paintings, collages, manga/comics, computer graphic illustrations, etc.

*All submissions must be original and created BY the student. Parents must e-sign a certification attesting to this.


*Select from one of the following themes:

1) What is the meaning of “Chuseok”? / How my family celebrates Chuseok

2) My Korean heritage

3) Growing up Korean American

For questions, contact us at: [in Korean]
OR [in English]

Support Us

*All activities at this year’s Chuseok Festival are being offered free of charge to participants (vendors as well as attendees), recognizing the challenging times many are facing.  For those in a position to make a donation, KCI would greatly appreciate any financial support to help offset festival costs, as well as to support our social services and programming for seniors.
No amount is too small. Thank you in advance for your support!*