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A virtual marketplace of Korean/Korean American makers 

  • Support local Korean / Korean American artists & other small business “makers”
  • Check out their unique products — from artwork to jewelry, ceramics, clothing, cosmetic products, and more!
  • Special discounts are available to Festival attendees
  • Look for links to participating makers below


Clothing & Other Textiles


Zero-waste designs for sharing food & wine

Bon Bon Bandeaux

Handmade fashion accessories for chefs, artists & creatives

Omona Collections

T-shirts, stickers, & more

Paula's Art Studio

Handmade hanbok for children & babies

Promo Code:   SFCHUSEOK (9/20-10/11) / Free standard shipping (domestic only)

Thane Wisherop

Hand printing T- shirt with Hanbok image



Fashionable yoga clothing

Promo Code: 
SFCHUSEOK / 25% off


Affinity Artwork

Ceramic jewelry & mini-vases

Promo Code:   SFCHUSEOK (9/30-10/11) / 20% off (pre-tax)

Jung’s Ottchil

Korean lacquer products

MikiSR Ceramics

Collection of functional & decorative ceramics

Promo Code:   SFCHUSEOK (9/30-10/11) / 10% off online

Min ClayArt

One-of-a-kind, elegant & functional handcrafted pottery



Fun Korean & Asian-inspired food & fandom stickers

Promo Code:
SFCHUSEOK /15% off any item

Elenique Designs

Handmade custom decor for “dohl” (Korean 1st birthday) events

Promo Code:
SFCHUSEOK (thru 10/11) / 10% off order on Etsy


Korean & Japanese food-shaped enamel pins

Promo Code:   SFCHUSEOK / 25% off order on Etsy


Colorstory Sammy

Unique giclee acrylic art prints of buildings and landscapes

Promo Code:
SFCHUSEOK / 20% off orders on Etsy

Danym Kwon Art

Original giclee art prints of landscapes and scenery using colored pencil on canvas

Draw+Hang by Ivory Yeunmi Lee

Drawings & illustrations inspired by trees & nature

Promo Code:
SFCHUSEOK / 20% off orders on Etsy and on website

Eddie H. Ahn

Comics & illustrations of daily life & urban landscapes w/pop culture references

Promo Code:

Eunjung June Kim

 Imaginative Korean & Asian-inspired comics & illlustrations

Hello Sansu

Whimsical drawings of nature & life


Responsibly-made wall coverings & custom prints inspired by Korea & Calif.


Christina Choi Cosmetics

Personal make-up line & services

Promo Code:
SFCHUSEOK / 10% off on website

Other Businesses

Tale Tree

Mobile app to nurture  kids’ creativity

Promo Code:
SFCHUSEOK /$10 off 1st month (reg. $30 for 1 month/4 sessions)

The Beaute Maison

Collection of K-Beauty & Japanese skincare products

Promo Code:
SFCHUSEOK / 20% off all orders plus free shipping within US