* If have any questions about the K-Quest winners, feel free to contact Daeun Lee dianel@sfkoreancenter.org :)


Complete scavenger hunt-style missions around town and online to explore local Korean history, art, food, etc. Keep track of your participation by using a special app and earn points. The more you engage, the more points you can earn for a chance to win prizes. Missions include:

  • Order Korean food/beverage from one of our participating restaurants/trucks/vendors
  • Visit listed Korean historical/cultural sites in the SF Bay Area and “check in”
  • Join our online Festival cultural workshops and other events
  • Answer questions about local nonprofit organizations that serve our community and about the history of Korean immigration in the SF Bay Area
  • Support local small businesses by purchasing products from our participating makers on the e-marketplace (link coming)
  • And more!



Rule 1: To be eligible for prizes, you must complete at least one mission from each of the 4 required categories below (Category 1 ~ 4).

Rule 2: The more missions you complete from the required and optional categories, the more points you can earn.

Rule 3: Among those who meet Rule #1, participants with the highest scores will win prizes (# of winners TBD).


Register on the Festival’s Eventbrite page & receive an email with a special Chuseok Festival link.

Download the Scavify app on your smartphone and sign up to create an account.

Join the Chuseok Festival via Scavify between Sept. 30 and Oct. 11 to start completing missions.

Track your own and other participants’ progress on Scavify and be eligible to win prizes.


**Please check back often for additional info, as this site will be updated regularly!**

Category 1: Korean Food/Beverage [Required]

Order from at least one of our participating food or beverage vendors and take a photo with the food as proof.

*Click HERE to check out the list of participating vendors*

Category 2: Korean Historical/Cultural Sites [Required]

Visit listed local Korean historical and/or cultural sites in the SF Bay Area, “check in” at the location, and upload a selfie.

*The list of Korean historical/cultural sites will be available soon.*

Category 3: Virtual Cultural Workshops and Online Events [Required]

Join at least one of our online cultural workshops and events, and scan a designated QR code.

*Please click HERE to see the list of festival workshops and events*

Category 4: Quizzes about Local Nonprofit Organizations & SF Korean Immigration History [Required]

Answer questions about local nonprofit organizations that serve our community and about the history of Korean immigration in the SF Bay Area.

*Quizzes will be available during the Festival period*

Other Categories [Optional] 

  • Upload a K-Pop dance challenge video
  • Support participating vendors by buying their products in the Chuseok Festival e-Marketplace (link coming) and take a photo of the receipt
  • Purchase a “Culture-in-a-Box” for your children and take a photo of them using the crafts inside the box
  • Donate to a cause you believe in and share a photo
  • And more!

Support Us

**All activities at this year’s Chuseok Festival are being offered free of charge to participants (vendors as well as attendees), recognizing the challenging times many are facing.  For those in a position to make a donation, KCI would greatly appreciate any financial support to help offset festival costs, as well as to support our social services and programming for seniors.
No amount is too small. Thank you in advance for your support!**