Stay Tuned!

Don’t miss these live &/or recorded Festival events

* Six live, interactive Korean cooking classes with local masters, including the chefs of Ssal and restaurants in San Francisco
* One-of-a-kind panel discussions with Korean American suul (alcohol) makers, and with animation artists
* Traditional Korean instrumental performance by a Bay Area sister duo
* History of Hallyu (Korean Wave) and K-Pop
* Live & recorded traditional Korean craft demonstrations
* Music performances & more!

Support Us

*All activities at this year’s Chuseok Festival are being offered free of charge to participants (vendors as well as attendees), recognizing the challenging times many are facing.  For those in a position to make a donation, KCI would greatly appreciate any financial support to help offset festival costs, as well as to support our social services and programming for seniors.
No amount is too small. Thank you in advance for your support!*