About Korean Center, Inc. (KCI)

Korean Center, Inc. (KCI) is a community-based, non-profit organization established in 1974 to assist newly arrived Korean immigrants and others to realize their full potential in America through education, training, and cultural and social services.
The Korean Center offers a variety of educational classes and cultural workshops and events for youth, adults, and seniors throughout the year. Please visit our website periodically for upcoming news and events.

Korean Language Programs (KLP)

Korean Language Program introduces and teaches Korean and Korean culture for all students who wishes to learn Korean.

*Winter 2019 schedule is updated. We are currently accepting registrations for Winter 2019 semester. *

KCI Youth Programs


If you have any inquiries,
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IIC – ESL Programs

The Intercultural Institute of California (IIC) is a nonprofit language school whose mission is to provide affordable, quality programs that empower our students to communicate across cultures.


Useful Social Service Info.

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Classes for Seniors

저희 KCI는 시니어를 위한 클라스를 제공합니다.