KCI’s annual Chuseok Festival, launched in 2019, celebrates the rich cultural diversity of the SF Bay Area by showcasing Korean traditions, music, arts, cuisine, and community. Our mission is to inspire exploration and discovery of Korean culture across communities and generations, while offering the area’s Korean Americans a way to celebrate together an important traditional holiday.






CHUSEOK FESTIVAL 2019 (Inaugural)

  • "Participating in virtual Chuseok Festival events was a wonderful way to safely celebrate an important holiday amid a pandemic. Through the scavenger hunt, I enjoyed exploring local places salient to the Korean American narrative. After visiting locations such as the first Korean church in the US, the Korean War Memorial, and the Comfort Women Memorial, I felt a deeper connection to being a Korean American living in SF."

    - A Chuseok Festival Participant

  • "Although not Korean American, I learned so much from participating in the Chuseok Festival. My highlights was the immigration history, and The many nonprofit organizations founded by Korean Americans advocating for social justice. Plus we really enjoyed doing the K-Quest (virtual scavenger hunt). Thank you!"

    - A Chuseok Festival Participant

  • "The 2nd annual Chuseok festival put on by the Korean Center SF was incredibly well done; it was a welcome respite from all of the craziness going on in the world these days. I had no idea that there were so many Korean-related sites in the area! When I shared my photos with my mother, who lives in Chicago, she asked that I take her to them when she visits me again. Thank you for opening my eyes to the richness of the Korean community in the Bay Area!"

    - A Chuseok Festival Participant

  • "... It was really fun for me and I hope you had a great time sharing your passion with the audiences. You all were so engaging and did so well answering the questions. I hope this event will encourage people to visit your website and learn more about how they can support and enjoy all of your products."

    - Chuseok Festival Panelist

  • "It was fun and at the same time motivating for me to continue on what I do with passion. Keep up with great work and look forward to many more opportunities to get together!"

    - A Chuseok Festivala Panelist

  • "I wasn’t entirely sure how I would contribute going in, but I am so glad I went for it! It was great to meet others in the Korean Bay Area community and collaborate especially during this particularly isolating time. I found participating and seeing the final result fulfilling and comforting, and I’m very glad to have found this community."

    - A Chuseok Festival Volunteer