Korean Center, Inc. (KCI) in San Francisco is looking for qualified Korean Language Instructors.

KCI offers a year-round Korean Language Program in partner with King Sejong Institute (KSI). King Sejong Institute is the integrated brand name of an institute of Korean Language study supported and designated by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Various level classes are offered for those who want to learn Korea language and culture at KCI.

Qualifications and Skills:

Applicants MUST meet one of the followings

-Have a Korean Language Teacher’s Certificate(한국어교원 자격증 소지자)

-Have completed Korean Language Teacher education training Course(한국어교원 양성과정 수료자)

-Have a bachelor’s degree or higher in language or language education with at least one year’s experience in Korean Language education (어문 계열 또는 언어 교육 학사 이상 소지자로 한국어 교육 경력이 최소 1년 이상인 자)


If you are interested AND meet the qualifications, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]
*no phone call please.